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What’s New in 2020?

She’s GG is the brand and 1 Cup of Coffee and Artistic Projects was just one part. Now, for 2020 we have Stone Culture: Couture Paperweights, Trivets and Doorstops. A perfect way to keep organized as well as stylish.

My Entire Short Life…So Far.

Is a performative memoir which combines lecture and workshop activities. It’s a PerLecShop. Funny and engaging -coming to a theatre near you.

Time Travel with the Wayback Space

Coming to you in 2021- The Way Back Space goes back to previous decades- pre- Covid-19.

Gilly Mac and the Wayback- NEW PODCAST Series

Check it out on Anchor and Spotify.

Blog Posts

When you realize your not as young as you use to be.

Have a dream? Something you always wanted to do- but now you are 30 years old, 50 years old, 70 years old? Time waits for no one- and it creeps up on you. There may never be the PERFECT time to write your play, start your business, became a millionaire- so just do it now! Even if you make some mistakes along the way it’s better than doing nothing. Learn and grow until you know.

Mom and me in doll versions

If My Mom and I Were Dolls

I just started collecting black dolls. It wasn’t something I set-out to do. It just sort of, kind of happened. I enjoy going to thrift stores and yard sales and I would run across a black doll collectible for dirt cheap and I would get it. I started thinking about how expensive some of these dolls were originally and when I went to the black doll convention in Philly a few years ago- there were barely any dolls I could afford. Now, I get great dolls inexpensively and I place them around my house- I am not excessive…yet! Anyway, One of the wonderful grandmothers I interviewed for the book G-Ma, Terri Covington, makes exquisite crochet dolls- I saw one that reminded me of my mother and asked her if she could make me one for me, and she did and it was awesome! Her selected outfit for the doll even matched my living room walls- a nice burnt orange ensemble. A few months later I see a doll with a kente cloth dress and little beads in her hair and I get it- it is only a dollar. One day, I was cleaning my house and placed the dolls next to each other on my sofa. I just so happened to look at them sitting side-by-side and said to myself, “That is me and my mother!” I was the head wrapped, braided hair having, dress wearing, dark brown, artsy looking doll and my mom was the earth tone colors wearing, pants having, short-haired, activist-y looking, light brown doll.  I thought this could be a dynamic duo- a children’s book- The Comical Misadventures of Elva Mack and Lil Letty-Betty. What do you think? Would you buy it?


1 Cup of Coffee with She’s GG

I prefer tea over coffee, but I do appreciate a good cuppa. 1 Cup of Coffee is an homage to my grandmother Sarah Ann Fleming who had her one cup of coffee every morning. She was a creative person who worked hard to provide for her family. My home products, performances, social practice projects are all created to honor her legacy of dedication and faith. I do hope you will follow us whether- you purchase a book, trivet or attend a PerLecShop- we hope you are amazed and pleased with what we have to offer.

Sassy Raconteurs!

Sassy Sadie’s is Coming Back…and it will be more virtual than ever! Storytime never felt so grown.

Now That's Saying something!